Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Naming Ideas Rejected

We revived the question of baby names recently, and came up with some new options:

The favorite authors sequence: We could name our first son John Ronald, which would be both for DOB and for Tolkien. Then we could have Gilbert Keith for Chesterton and Clives Staples . . . never mind.

The all-sons-named-for-dad-sequence: In alphabetical order, too! AaRON, ByRON, CameRON, DaRON (so I've never seen it spelled that way, but it looks cool). I got stuck at E, though, so we would max out at four sons. Unless we went with ElRONd.

The rhyming-alphabetical sequence: DOB countered with the suggestion that we name them Addison (Ad), Brad, Chad, and then he, of course, would be Dad. It sounds like the makings of a bluegrass band. Plus, that only gets us up to three.

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