Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Gaming Question

Last night I was pondering why I am usually significantly less enthusiastic about playing games than DOB is. Then I started listing off the games we usually play:

Games which are a toss-up
Scrabble (I know more words, but DOB will spend more time hunting for the top score)
Lawn Horseshoes

Games which DOB almost always wins

Games which DOB ALWAYS wins
Computer golf
Chess (except for an occasional stalemate, which is always pure accident on my part)
Monopoly (And I can't figure out why, because as far as I can tell our strategies are the same)

Games which QOC usually or always wins

This is a discouraging picture. What we need are some games that favor someone who is good with words but impatient with strategy, and of course that are fun for two players.

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