Monday, August 15, 2005

Before the horse gets stolen

One night during dinner last week, I started chattering away to DOB about the new household organizing notebook I wanted to make. It would have pockets for each month, to store invitations and appointment cards and far-in-advance-bills and things like that, and ones for more urgent stuff, and one for the library receipts so that we wouldn't lose track of when they had to be returned.
"So," he asked apprehensively, "What prompted this?"
"I was reading on somebody's blog about one."
"Oh. Good. I was afraid this was a prelude to telling me we had a big library fine."
But no, all the books got returned on time and now we have a place to keep track of them. Plus I finally have a personal phone book besides in DOB's head.


the Joneses said...

Unlike Amy, who a few weeks ago bemoaned the fact that she had to pay a library fine for the first time in her life, Darren and I rack up awful fines most of the time. The worst was when we had something like thirty books out at one time, and they were already overdue when Stuart decided it was time to arrive in the world. The next week, Darren went to the library and pleaded for mercy. We got a percentage knocked off.

So a library reciept pocket is a marvelous idea. Except I'd never remember to put them in there.

-- SJ

Anonymous said...

Or you could move to a liberal city like where I live. They don't give library fines except as a last resort (like if you lose a book). They even let you renew overdue books online! - Juliana

Meredith said...

Good idea! Another important pocket for my already bulging notebook...