Saturday, May 26, 2012

Solutions to Common Problems

Problem #1: You used to like reading this blog, but it's gotten really boring since I started talking about courtship.

Solution #1: This is a post that is not about courtship.

Problem #2: You're a manly man, but you really wish you could haul around a ton of junk in one place, like women can in their purses. (But not in your brief case, because you actually keep briefs in there. Legal ones.)

Solution #2: A map case. It's military. It's a durable canvas. And it has room for your phone and keys and wallet (so you don't have to sit on it and put your back out) and a couple of notebooks and you favorite pens and a wee ninja.

Problem #3: You have a lot of small children who insist on bringing you flowers with no stems all summer long.

Solution #3: Float them in an elegant bowl. I would include a picture of the real bowl, which is actually more elegant than this, but I still haven't replaced the camera cord.

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