Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Day of Gatherings

It was a beautiful and fun, but exhausting weekend. First there was a baseball game to watch, with friends and cousins in it. (The ducklings still show no interest in organized sports. But they had a great time with the disorganized sports happening on the sidelines, dressed, in Deux's case, as a rather overheated knight/pirate/cowboy/ninja.)

Then we went to Grammy and Gramps' house, as we usually do on Saturdays. Then we came home and had some friends over who brought some outgrown toys: a toy kitchen and a tractor. Much racing between the basement and the backyard.

Dot and Dash pose with the cousin's dog.
Then we had church on Sunday morning, followed by a large gathering at Their Majesties, officially to celebrate Rocketboy's 25th birthday, as he was on leave, and also incidentally to celebrate Bookworm's graduation (summa cum laude, double major in mathematics and mechanical engineering, and yeah, we're only slightly proud of her). And then there was Mother's Day and Their Majesties' anniversary to toss in. It was a lot of fun, especially since horribly-timed illnesses have caused some or all members of the Duchy to miss the last few months of family gatherings.

After that the group of people who Play Weird Games came over and we played Weird Games until after bedtime. We got back at DOB, who had creamed Rocketboy and me on Friday night, but who lost badly this time.

Now we are very, very tired.
Deux finds the Legos wherever he goes.

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