Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Sluggish Investigations

I may have mentioned before that the twins' favorite animals are slugs. They are slow and watchable. Today D4 took me on a walk, saying, "Find flocks!"

"Flocks?" I asked.

"No, Flogs!" he said.

"Oh, slugs," I said.

"Slogs! Find slogs!"

So we looked for slogs all over the garden, and we found them in plenty. Each time we saw one, D4 called out, "Slog! Nother slog! Don step onnit! It's gucky!"

Fast forward a few hours. I had taken DOB to the gym, so Their Majesties were putting the kids to bed after another outside play time. As she picked up D4 to change him, D4 exclaimed, "I tep onna slog! I tep onna lello slog!"

Hearing this later, I interjected, "Well, he doesn't really know his colors yet, he just assigns them at random . . . "

"Oh, it was a yellow one alright," Her Majesty said.

Further examination of D3's feet revealed that she, too, had participated in the test to determine just how gucky stepping on slogs really was.

What is not known is their conclusions from this experiment.

However, I did notice that Their Majesties were exceptionally helpful in helping DOB rig up his gym bag to his walker so that he can go to the pool on his own in the future.


Carrie said...

That is entirely revolting.

I hate slugs more than anything else and had to force my eyes away from your gigantic picture here and just focus on reading the text. Hideous, loathsome, slimy creatures!

Unfortunately for mommy, the eldest child has discovered mommy's dislike of bugs in general and slugs in particular. I was grossed out considerably on our last "exploring adventure" at the local park where we found sticks and poked and turned over slugs to see what would happen.


Darren said...

Your last line made me laugh out loud.

And I second Carrie's comments (although I hate spiders worse than slugs).

le Duc said...

I disclaim all knowledge or association with this post, and will write my congressman to pass legislation prohibiting such vile photos from appearing on the internet...