Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Now We Are Six

And now birthday season is upon us, and (discounting grownups who of course don't count) D1 kicks it off by turning 6!

D1 is growing fast and eats plenty to keep up with it. She loves princesses, mostly for the fancy dresses. She was really interested in getting married because of the fancy dress, but after DOB pointed out the importance of all the rest of your life after the wedding, she's a little more cautious. When she grows up she wants to be a cook--actually, she already is one.

She loves to read and write stories and lists. She always has a game of pretending going. She likes to be the one in charge. DOB occasionally calls her the "cult leader" as the other children follow eagerly behind with whatever new idea she has. Fortunately most of them are good ones. We count on her a lot, and she bears it graciously.


Carrie said...


Darren said...

Happy birthday! May your year be filled with the blessing of God, Who loves you more than you can imagine.

awedmanor said...

YAY, D1! Happy Birthday.

Devona said...

She looks like a happy, responsible, and big girl. Happy Birthday, D1!