Thursday, June 17, 2010


I performed an act of great bravery this week: I took the kids out in the car *all by myself*. I know, that doesn't sound too exciting, but it's the first time I have ever done it, except to places where I would have help on the receiving end. But we went to the library and the grocery store and the park and had no trouble at any of them, except that D3 was not too eager to have an older sibling hold her hand.

I don't know how I'm ever going to buy a full load of groceries with all the kids along, though, being as the cheaper stores don't have those extra-big carts. The twins find grocery shopping a novel and exciting experience. D4 was upset when we put the eggs on the belt the first time. But I can only fit a couple of gallons of milk in amongst them when they're sitting in the body of the cart, and I really don't think I want two two-year-olds walking about the store on their own.


The local library has crayons and coloring papers in the children's section. I think this exceptionally brave, if not foolhardy, of them.

Thoughts by D2, on eating the world:

  • You could not eat the world, because you could not be outside the world to eat the world.
  • Besides, you could not find a big enough plate to fit the whole world on.
  • Even if you could find a big enough plate, you definitely could not eat the whole world in one bite.
  • Maybe you could go around the world eating it.
  • Maybe you could go in a rocket to Mars and stay there for a day and come back and eat more.
(Note: He always gets on topics like this on days when he only touches two bites of his supper.)

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Rachelle said...

I always feel very accomplished when I take three children out on my own.

My guess is the children's librarian has no children of her own.