Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A Note of Thanks

Thanks to Uncle Steve (granted Most Favored Uncle status), we now have a working computer and wireless internet. Which means I can even surf while watching the kids outside. (The kids, note, not the babies. There is nothing I can do while watching the babies outside except watch the babies.)

Thanks to our attorney, we now have the title situation on the house cleared up and the rest is just a matter of filing.

Thanks to a very long day yesterday (doctor, chiropractor, two dinner-time showings) the house is very, very quiet right now.

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Steve said...

I am hhonored (with an aspirated H) to be upgraded to MFU. I shall wear the title proudly.

I note with gentle humor that the Queen was granted wireless access on Sunday afternoon, and it has taken this long to replenish the electronic fuel tanks so that she can post a blog entry. Terribly long yesterdays notwithstanding, of course.