Monday, April 20, 2009

Five Things I Like About Motherhood

Sara tagged me for this and at first I thought she'd already covered the best stuff in her post. But I think I have my own particular things.

1. Reading out loud. What better excuse than having kids to re-read all your childhood favorites and discover new treasures?

2. Siblings playing together. I am so grateful I could have more than one child; I really wouldn't have the first notion of what to do with only one. Even though I ask myself, "What WAS I thinking to have four so close together?" almost every day, I love that they'll be able to grow up together, that we have such a great mix of boys and girls and introverts and extroverts to keep each other balanced and make a strong team and have a lot of fun.

3. Watching them figure things out. I love watching the light bulbs go off, and I get a curious pleasure out of it when I wasn't involved at all and it wasn't one of those things that you can pull up in maternal bragging competitions. Last week D1 was sitting on the porch eating lunch and suddenly pointed to the neighbors' house and said, "Hey! We are their neighbors!"

4. The way babies giggle when you tickle them. There's nothing like getting two of them going at once.

5. Naptime. Is it ok to have that on the top five? It's such a wonderful time of day . . .

I tag: Wendy, Carrie, Melissa, Songbirdy, Mary


the Joneses said...

And now I'm thinking, "Oh, why didn't I think to include that one?"

Great list. Thanks!

the Joneses said...

(By "that one" I actually mean any one of your five. Although naptime is definitely a beautiful time of day.)

-- SJ

Steve said...

I'm surprised that naptime wasn't number one. And still climbing.

CappuccinoLife said...

I love all those things too! Especially the "lightbulb" moments

Mary said...

I posted.
Thanks for thinking of me. I've been waiting to post this picture taken recently.