Friday, April 24, 2009

Calling Hollywood

The babies have colds and have been up all night for the past two nights. Now I've got the cold, too. By the Parents' Sleep Index I've been getting about negative six hours of sleep.

Yesterday D1 was trying to set the table and tripped over D4, scattering broken glass across two rooms and cutting her hand. While I was bandaging her hand, D4 slipped on a Duplo piece and bloodied his lip. D3 was screaming on general principles. With everyone overdue for lunch and on the point of total collapse, I called DOB home from work to clean it up while I whimpered in bed, eating macaroni.

I burnt the pan of green beans I was fixing for the babies and left three quarts of chicken broth on the counter all night instead of freezing them.

D4 learned how to climb this week and D3 learned how to unscrew small, chokable caps from bottles.

Early this morning, after being awakened by D4 crying in his sleep for the seventh time, I smelled smoke. DOB and I searched the entire house (DOB just got a whiff, but I kept smelling it), finally deciding it was just dust in the air unit. However, it was by then practically time to get up (and D4 was crying again). We called the A/C man to come, as it was time to get the unit serviced anyway. He serviced the unit this morning, delaying DOB's departure for work.

Now the house fan has quit, so even if the A/C worked it would do us no good. It's going to be 81 degrees today, and I get ill at temperatures above 74.

We're trying to find the script writer for this week so we can fire him.

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Bettie said...

I pray for your strength, endurance and sanity.