Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Post for D3

Amongst all the outgoing or just plain loud personalities around here, D3 can sometimes get overlooked a bit, as she quietly examines flecks of dirt on the floor. She's developed her own coping skills. If any desirable person--particularly DOB--comes within her radar she knows how to turn on the cute, with flicking fingers and a smile that goes down to her toes. What's funny is that as soon as she's picked up she generally goes right back to her usual mode of looking at everything else minutely. She doesn't care for too much eye contact, but she does want to know that you're there.

She is starting to scoot forward, both arms at once as if she's doing the breaststroke. Usually she prefers to roll, often pausing to relax on one side like a miniature chubby Queen of Sheba. Sometimes she intersperses this with leg lifts, as if she needed to work that chub off, which you can see from the picture is not at all a good idea.

She can say "Mama" and I think she knows what she's saying, but it could be open to dispute. She certainly knows who she means.


Carrie said...

Well she certainly looks like a happy little girl!

the Joneses said...

Your post makes me want to meet her in person. It's fun to see the emerging personalities in your Two Babies.

MLM said...

So cute! Yeah, we need to have a playdate ... Want to meet in, say, South Dakota?