Monday, March 30, 2009

Out and About

I went out to the thrift store on Saturday, a big trip in my little world. As it happened I arrived three minutes before opening and was astonished to find a crowd of twenty--mostly elderly ladies--standing outside the door, swapping addresses of their favorite thrift stores. Quite the happening place.

I found some new shirts for DOB, and confirmed my suspicion that there is no such thing as a decent second-hand white dress shirt. White dress shirts lurk in men's closets until they disintegrate entirely, apparently. Blue is readily available, though. I even scored two hand-tailored ones which I hope fit well.

Then pulling out I saw rows of tagged trees across the road and realized I was right across the street from a nursery. So I stopped in there to pick up some lime for the garden. The only two places I really like shopping are book stores and nurseries: they smell good, they sound good, they're quiet and peaceful.

Unlike here, where someone has awakened too early from nap. We have been working since mid-February to get all the kids sleeping in the same room at night and at the same times during the day. We're progressing, but it's slow and at times painful. DOB's mother will sometimes tell a story with feeling as fresh as yesterday of incidents two decades ago when someone Woke The Baby Up Too Soon Thus Ruining My Nap. Yes, I know how that feels. Fortunately after the first incident when D2 started screaming in the night because he had "heard a small noise" we have not, at least, repeated that one.


Steve said...

Makes me think that hearing small noises is related to goopiness. Somehow.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of goopiness (well, Steve was) that is a word that has found its way into my vocabulary. Oftentimes I find myself feeling unaccountably goopy these days. My thanks to D2 for giving me a term for this condition!

Queen of Carrots said...

Last night instead we had D1 waking up screaming because she couldn't hear anything--we had tried playing music to mask evening noises and she apparently was unaware it was going to turn off later.

I'm feeling rather goopy today myself.