Monday, March 16, 2009

Duckling Moments

QOC: And so God is going to make a new earth with everything good in it and nothing bad.

D2: Let's still live in our same house!

D1: Except on the new earth it will be cleaner.

D2: Yes, because all the toys will be picked up.

It used to be that the babies when nursing would reach out and hold each others' hand as they nursed. Then their arms grew longer. Now they either try to scratch each others' eyes out or arm wrestle as they nurse. Somehow it's just not as heartwarming.

D2 has been in search of a generalized complaint. He tried, "I'm so tired," for awhile, until he discovered that tired people got to spend ten minutes resting in bed. Then it was, "I'm so hungry," which produced whatever food he had turned up his nose at during the previous meal; then, "I'm so lonely," which we pointed out was a bit ridiculous in a room with four other people.

So for a while he was reduced to standing in the middle of the house, saying, "I'm so . . . so . . . so . . . so . . . so . . . so . . ."

The other night he finally found a way to end the sentence. "I'm so . . . goopy."

Goopy he may be.


Carrie said...


(That's my well-thought out response of the morning.)

the Joneses said...

D2, I feel goopy a lot, too.

I'm still laughing about the formerly hearwarming arm-wrestling nursing sessions.

-- SJ

Anonymous said...



Steve said...

I can just see him, twisting his hands together, looking for a word. Funny.