Saturday, August 30, 2008

How Do I . . .

Cook Supper?

1. Put happier baby in a car seat.
2. Put crankier baby in a pouch.
3. Assign tasks to the older ducklings.
4. Pray for patience.
4b. If patience insufficient, send older ducklings to play in room.
5. Assemble supper with one baby in pouch while rocking car seat with foot.

Go Outside?

1. Send older ducklings to go potty and drink water.
2. Check and restock diaper bag.
3. Apply sunscreen and bug spray to all applicable bodies.
4. Set babies in car seats by the front door. (Note: They are probably screaming through this process.)
5. Take tarp off stroller, unlock from porch railing, haul down the front steps, set up and brake.
7. Carry out diaper bag and wrap. Drape wrap fabric over the top of the stroller to provide more complete shade.
8. Apply hats to all applicable bodies.
9. Let older ducklings go out and stand on the porch.
10. Carry babies out one at a time and strap into stroller.

Coming back inside involves the same steps (except 3), only backwards.

Option A:
1. Lie down, start a baby eating, and doze off into a fitful slumber.
2. Wake up a little while later, swap babies and sides, and doze off again.
3. Repeat all night.

Option B:
1. Wake up the non-hungry baby.
2. Put on the monster-big twin nursing pillow.
3. Feed babies.
4. Put both babies back in bed.
5. Now fully awake, go to the bathroom and then get a snack.
6. Get back in bed and lie awake, falling asleep briefly before someone is hungry again.

I haven't figured out which option actually results in the greatest overall sleep, so I keep swapping back and forth.


the Joneses said...

Just reading the post makes me want to curl up under the covers and cry. I wish there were a way to donate energy and patience to moms of twins. Not that I have a great deal of excess, but I've GOT to have more than you do right now.

-- SJ

Devona said...

You're my hero.

I know a mom who BF twins, I wonder if she has some sleeping advice. I know she had them both sleeping well, and early without "sleep training." I know that depends a lot on a child's temperament, so I don't know if it is something she could advise you on. But maybe she has some amazing trick.

I could ask her if you want.

Alysa said...

Oh my... if that isn't a sympathy puller, I don't know what is! You're amazing to be able to pull through all of that, day after day, and still maintain your sanity. And time to blog.

Which would make it really mean to ask for photos of any of your exploits, wouldn't it? :)

Thought so. That's why I'm not asking.

Queen of Carrots said...

Devona--Ask away. Actually they both slept the same five hours one night last week, which was wonderful. And then last night they didn't. They REALLY didn't. I'm trying to synchronize them by always feeding them the same time, but it seems to work better during the day than at night.