Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Amazing Feats

People keep asking us, "How are things going?"

And we have been answering, "Fine so far, but Wondergirl leaves on Tuesday."

Now she has left. We have survived the past 24 hours. Actually we have done pretty well, thanks in no small part to all the planning and organizing she did while she was here. For one thing, she made our walls much more fun to look at.

She cut carpet from scraps in the attic to make baby-rocking and baby-playing zones in the living room.

She organized our bedroom to hold babies and baby gear. (Baby clothes are under the bed. Aren't the little bows on the baskets cute? )

She made more room to play in the kids' room, and made sure there was a place within reach for everything so they can keep it picked up by themselves. The "bunk crib" was originally built by DOB's father years ago; they only used the lower area for toy storage, but it has been working great as an extra bed spot for us.

She went shopping for all sorts of little odds and ends we never have the energy to search for, like the tension rod to put into practice DOB's brilliant idea of storing the omnipresent exercise balls in the attic and basement stairwells.

And she did all this while holding babies, potty-training D2, reading countless stories to the big kids, and serving three delicious home-cooked meals a day.

If home management were an Olympic sport, my sister would be the gold medalist.


darren said...

Wow. Wondergirl is well-nicknamed!

Melissa said...

how wonderful to have your sister there to help you out in the beginning weeks - sounds like she was a blessing to you! :)

Carrie said...

So the question is - is she willing to move to the midwest!?

Steve said...

Bravo - and adios, WonderGirl!!

Rachelle said...

Goodness. She should start a service. She has her first advertisement here. The walls look lovely! All that and potty-training too. WOW!

MLM said...

I should have taken pictures of *our* family room before and after Wondergirl. She's amazing.

Zippy said...

That's awesome. WTG Wondergirl!

Wendy said...

Wow! You have excellent taste in sisters!

Kinsleys3 said...

Wow - that very impressive! Now if only there was a Wondergirl-for-hire!