Friday, August 10, 2007

Three Years

Three, I'm sure, is positively infantile from the perspective of a mother of teenagers. But it's as far as we've gotten, and it's a very long way from the floppy newborn with which we began. And despite the undeniable challenges of this age, I like it.

D1 just discovered drawing this week. She covers page after page with little huts with doors, and sometimes adds a sturdy capital A for good measure.

She has learned how to set and clear the table--some mornings, she even starts setting it just to get breakfast moving along faster. (Other mornings, she fights with D2 for lap space. She has not yet reconciled herself to the fact that thirty-five pounds of squirming little girl is hard to hold.)

She can almost (almost!) dress herself. She asks "why?" a thousand times in a day, and sometimes she even wants to know. She remembers why mosquitoes bite, and what we were going to do today, and she can tell when the big hand gets to the seven.

She invents long and complicated games, incomprehensible to adults, but utterly absorbing for D2.

I'm sure I'll like four and five and six even better. But three is pretty good.


Carrie said...

I'm so confused. I thought she just had (well, sorta recently) a birthday!? The cake and all that. or are you just reflecting on the age. I don't know whether to say Happy Birthday or just wait expectantly for my own to turn three.

Queen of Carrots said...

You are correct~her birthday was in June. These are just random musings.

SongBirdy said...


You can ask my friend's but I say something very similar.

I've got my son to 7 (now nearly 8). I think that qualifies me as a success as a Mom. He didn't kill himself, I didn't kill him. He can talk, walk, listen (when its beneficial) and is an engaging boy.

I'm glad you're enjoying the moment! :D

Uncle Steve said...

An "A" on her drawings? That's cool. My mom never let me grade my own work.