Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cleaning Up, Clearing Out

The approach of (or despairing wish for, as the temperature shoots back up) fall brings out my urge to organize. It's probably the fear of being stuck in this house all winter and if I don't get rid of some of this mess I'll go crazy ahhhhhhh!

Yesterday it rained, so even though it was hot we were able to go up into the attic and whack out a good-sized area where it is now possible to walk without stepping on anything but carpet. I cleaned the last of DOB's clothes out of the buffet up there and put my tablecloths and place mats in their place. I transfered the random piles of stuff for the thrift store into plastic bags. The ducklings were very happy carrying stuff around and piling it up in their own mysterious configurations. Next time we go up there I'm going to tackle the outgrown and to-be-grown-into clothes and move them into a more accessible part of the attic.

Today it did not rain, so we descended to the basement instead and the ducklings splashed in the pool while I unpacked at least one box that hadn't been touched since we moved in and cleared off the Stuff Accumulating Table. (Supposed to be a folding table, but I hardly ever fold clothes in the basement. In fact, I don't really fold clothes, except my own.)

What I really need to get back to is working on the filing cabinet, but it's so much more fun to work on almost anything else. It's always good to have a really loathsome job that you really ought to do--it makes you so much more productive doing everything else.


Eric and Wendy said...

I had to laugh about not folding clothes. I don't fold much either for the little ones. As to the older: when they put their own clothes away (4 and up) there hardly seems a reason to fold when they unfold them as they stuff them in the drawers. We mostly do it so the clothes fit in piles.

Good luck with organizing!

Carrie said...

You make me tired just thinking about all you've been doing. And have I ever mentioned that I'm insanely jealous of your attic and basement? I've always thought those were two very romantic places in a house. Given what you've just described though -- maybe you do not agree. =)

Rose said...

Oh, good point on the loathsomeness of filing cabinets. Ours is in a perpetual state of disarray and yet I sit here and type. (But at least reading this post did send me off to do the dishes.)

Queen of Carrots said...

Carrie~I'm making myself tired, too. It's a conjunction of good health and self-entertaining kids that I'm taking advantage of before the next hurricane strikes.

I totally love having an attic and basement. I'm going to love it even more when they're cleaned and organized.