Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Week in Review

Having a cold.
D2 having a cold.
DOB having a cold and thinking it was allergies and taking the wrong stuff and making it worse.
Wearing myself out planting tomatoes and peppers.
Coming to the conclusion that none of my flower seeds are going to sprout.
One of my two casserole dishes shattering for no clear reason and distributing glass shards and greasy detergent water all over the kitchen.
D2 falling and scraping his chin on our way inside to clean up the shattered dish.
The other 56 times D2 fell and hurt himself.
Deciding that it wouldn't work to get a tree planted this spring.
Wearing myself out planting a tree.
Having twenty minutes after hand-mixing clay and peat moss to put around the oak tree to get the dirt out from under my fingernails and ready to go out to dinner.
The grain grinder malfunctioning right at the beginning of fixing breakfast and making it worse by trying to fix it.

The neighbor across the street offering me a free toy kitchen set, good condition once washed, that his grandchildren have outgrown.
The beautiful new bed of tomatoes and peppers, with the charming little deep-watering system devised out of old water bottles.
Uproarious giggling at my rendition of "Goldilocks."
Going out to dinner with DOB, getting a table in the courtyard by a bubbling fountain, and having a waiter who even looked Italian.
Seeing A Midsummer Night's Dream set in 1950s Hollywood. (Oberon in a smoking jacket and--when invisible to mortals--shades. Puck in a orange corduroy/leopardskin blazer. Theseus as a studio exec, with a bald head and fat cigar. And all that music of love found and lost and maybe found again just fits perfectly.)
Having an oak tree growing in the back yard.
The granola parfaits that were actually much better than what I was going to fix and didn't require the grain grinder.

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