Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Of Course He Is

You scored as Darcy,Your husband/boyfriend is most like Mr. Darcy of Pride & Prejudice. A beloved hero, he may be quieter and sometimes mistaken as proud, but in reality he has the most thoughtful generous nature. He appreciates good character and is extremely devoted to those he cares for. As a couple, you enjoy the company of those closest to you and may engage in thought-provoking conversations.

Who is Your Jane Austen Boyfriend/Husband?
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the Joneses said...

Mine is Col. Brandon -- behind the scenes, but always taking good care of me.

-- SJ

Rose said...

Mine too, not to mention the age factor as well. =)

I could tell the way the questions were leading - talkative, witty, hmm, that must be the Henry Tilney scale.

Who would ever want to end up with a Capt. Wentworth or Edmund Bertram??

I notice that the quiz leaves room for only the heroes. Probably most women who take Jane Austen-flavoured quizzes aren't going to be hanging around any Wickhams.

Queen of Carrots said...

Well, imagine the questions they would have to add to include Wickham: "Does your husband hit on every woman he sees?"

Dana said...

Mine is Capt. Wentworth, with Tilney as a very close second. That's not a bad mix, eh Rose? I might have put Tilney first ("does he say outrageous things just to get a reaction?"), but all those questions about being patient and longsuffering gave Wentworth the edge. :-)

the Joneses said...

Yeah, no slighting Cpt. Wentworth: I took the quiz answering for myself (I didn't tell it I wasn't a boyfriend or husband), and that's how I scored.

Also for Wickham or Willoughby, practically any of Austen's villains: "Does he commit to a relationship only when there is significant financial reward involved?"

-- SJ