Monday, May 14, 2007

Tonight's Menu . . .

. . . is Humvee with a side of pine needles. I had a fleeting moment of concern that letting D1 have an official toy kitchen set might stifle her creativity, but I doubt there's much need to worry.

And that animal D2 is holding? That thing with long, pointy appendages on its head? And a fat nose? And (though you can't see it) "Texas" emblazoned on its belly? It's a bunny. Or maybe that's it's name. "Bunny." No effort can convince him that it's a longhorn. Not even a longhorn bunny. A boy knows his bunny when he sees it.

Some other things they say~
D1: "I'm taking a trip to California." I think she got that from the second verse of "How Much is that Doggie in the Window?" California has been much visited of late.
"We start off with high hopes." I still haven't tracked this one down--perhaps it's from Henry the Explorer.

D2: "Eggies! Mo peez! Mo peez! MO PEEEEEZZ!!!!" He would have scrambled eggs three meals a day if he set the menus.
"Potty!" Of course he knows what it means. It means instead of having to be still and quiet in church you get to run all the way down the hallway and go in the bathroom and wash your hands and bang on the mirror and giggle and get a drink of water. It means--if you do something, he's not sure what--you get a cookie.

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