Friday, February 09, 2007

Strange and possibly, though not creditably, Unique Thoughts

* That whole business about the little house not being able to be sold for gold or silver? That had to violate the Rule Against Perpetuities.

* This week I had a library book that was so absolutely and forlornly lost, even after six weeks of searching, that I simply had to up and pay for it. Fortunately, it was only four dollars. Unfortunately, it wasn't one I particularly would be thrilled to own, if it ever does turn up. But the occurence did put a thought in my head. Suppose I find a book at the library that I really, really want to own. Suppose further that this book is rare or out of print, and even further that it looks like something the library is going to ditch soon in favor of more shelf space. Of course, the chances of me happening across it at just the right library sale are very slim indeed. How evil would it be to, ah, "lose" the book and pay for it, and then "find" it again but decide not to bother about getting my money back? Evil, evil, evil. I blot the thought from my mind.


Anonymous said...

The library book thought has occured to me, but I have never developed it as far as you. I always had to blot the thought...blot it QUICKLY...from my mind.

Carrie said...

I've had to blot the same thought from my mind time and time again.