Sunday, February 04, 2007

Colds and Colder

That's why I say, "Duckie!
Don't grumble! Don't stew!
Some critters are much-much,
oh, ever
so much-much,
so muchly much-much more unlucky than you!"

There are indeed much-much more unluckier creatures out there, such as those who must be Out in the Cold today, whereas we, who have sniffles and such, have holed up like bears for the winter this weekend, except for a brief trip out for me yesterday to stock us up on movies and butter for popcorn (popcorn is essential sore throat food) and a brief trip out for DOB today to get a car we left behind a few days ago.

Our haul at the library proved quite productive: we had a Rudyard Kipling adaptation to watch yesterday and a Dickens for today, plus a few extra comedies if we have enough time. Which is not too likely because DOB is awaiting a TV to arrive so that he can watch the Colts tonight.

The ducklings are alternately happy as larks and miserable sniffling wretches, according to how long it has been since they slept. We had chicken and dumplings yesterday and hamburger and vegetable soup today. It's so cold we have to put our coats on to go to the basement; it's so cold we gritted our teeth and turned the heat up to seventy (which has nothing to do with the temperature of the house anywhere within six feet of a window) so that the children wouldn't freeze if they pulled the covers off, which they always do.

It's cold. And we do not have a dog that needs walked, or groceries that need shopped for, or a furnace that keeps breaking. Yes, there are critters ever so muchly more unlucky.


Miss Meg said...

Have you tried using window blankets? They are fairly easy
to make and sure do help to keep the cold out.

Rose said...

Poor you! And oh, pardon me for picking on one in your current state of misery, but isn't it adaptation?

Queen of Carrots said...

Hmm. I'm sure window blankets would keep the cold out, but they would also keep the light out. And I would much rather freeze in daylight than stay warm in the dark. Of course, one could only put them up at night, but at night one is in bed, so there's not much point, is there? Or am I missing something?

Rose~quite right. I hate typos, even when my fingers are frozen.