Monday, February 19, 2007

Playing Games

You know how desparate the cabin fever has become around here when we confess that this weekend we actually resorted to downloading and playing computer games.

Not that there's anything wrong with video games. I just don't usually have the patience for them. To start out with, my reflexes are slow, so any game that involves quick response times only annoys me. If I liked strategy games, I would earn wifely brownie points by playing more of them with DOB.

I do occasionally like a puzzle-type video game, but it only takes a few minutes before it starts feeling tedious. Once I know what I need to do, why should I drudge through the endless clicking necessary to accomplish it? And if I get something almost solved and mess something up and have to go back and start over . . . well, it doesn't take too long for it to start feeling like washing the dishes. At which point, I might as well go wash them. Or read a book, where missing a word on a page doesn't send me back to the beginning. (OK, so maybe my real problem is a lack of attention to detail.)

Anyway, we really are feeling much better. And it's supposed to get warm this week. The ice has already melted off the trees and soon the snowdrifts should be rehumidfying our basement. Yippee!


Juliana M said...

I am very glad to hear you are feeling better!

the Joneses said...

Oh! Oh! You need to go to and download the "Bookworm Adventure" trial game. We ended up buying the full version with Christmas money. You can justify playing it because it involves spelling words. But you also get to whomp and decimate enemies.

There is another Popcap game that my mother accurately describes as "just like housework." The more you blast away, the more it piles up behind you.

-- SJ