Tuesday, January 09, 2007


It is not helpful, when one is trying to wean a toddler, to have an older sibling who likes to announce the next activity--"D2! You need to nurse!"--before I can stop her and remind her that no, he doesn't do that anymore. Nonetheless, we must really be done since that didn't really upset him, although it did make him exceedingly eager for me to get on the sandwiches (which were peanut butter and banana, even though DOB thinks that's gross).

Yesterday I was making pizza with the assistance of the ducklings, which means I was making pizzas, D1 was standing on a chair occasionally sprinkling cheese on them and more often filching it for herself or D2, and D2 was standing by the table, grabbing anything edible he could reach. The can of mushrooms suddenly fell out of my hand, rolled across the pizza, struck D2 in the eye, leaving a smear of tomato sauce and cheese it had collected, and scattered on the floor. He was completely unfazed and immediately went after the mushrooms. Do not get between that boy and food.

D1 is going through a fascination with Polite Conversation stage. She will go around the dinner table: "Papa, how was your day?" "My day was fine, how was yours?" "Uh, very well. How was D2's day?" "He had a good day." "How was Mama's day?" It's best not to try a long explanation, though, as she'll just keep moving on to the next person. This still hasn't translated into much speech when accosted in public, but I hope sooner or later it will carry over.

D2 is picking up numerous words, but he shines best at "Yeah!" and "Noooo." "Yeah" is default, but he certainly knows when it's time to throw in a definite No, such as when asked, "Do you want to go night-night?"

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the Joneses said...

Peanut butter and banana makes an awesome sandwich! On toast, it's even better.

I can remember helping Mom make pizzas. She always had to spread the dough - none of the rest of us could get it even enough. Back in those days, we didn't eat pork, so instead of pepperoni, we'd use hotdog slices. I used to love eating the cold hotdog as Mom was trying to top the pizza.