Friday, January 12, 2007

Frugal Friday: An Assortment of Curtains

I've never done a Frugal Friday before, but since I stumbled across the topic for the week and it was precisely something I wanted to blog about anyway, I proceed. This is one of Wondergirl's many projects while she was out. In the one corner, the living/dining room with an assortment of oddly-shaped windows and white, white, white walls. In the other corner, Wondergirl armed with a pile of identical burgundy rose sheers inherited from our great aunt. I think she may have used a few safety pins, but other than that, adapting the curtains to the different windows was simply a matter of ingenious draping. The white panels I swiped from my great aunt (or possibly grandmother?) at an earlier date. They're considerably shorter than the burgundy panels, but if you tuck them behind, you can't tell. The tie backs are cut from tulle that was on wedding gifts. The only expenditure on this entire project was a much-needed support for the center of the long curtain rod--otherwise, we just used whatever hardware was on the windows and some cup hooks and nails we had on hand.

Someday I'm going to paint this whole room a nice creamy tan, but until then, these have greatly relieved the white.


Headmistress, zookeeper said...

Pretty! I did something sort of similar in my bedroom. I have two huge windows, and the curtains I had/found at thrift shops were two slightly different shades of green (and even different types of fabric). But when I covered each window with the same window scarf (marked down at on the clearance aisle), the difference in the basic green curtain doesn't stand out so much anymore. The scarves unify otherwise disparate treatments.

Mom2fur said...

Those are gorgeous! I used sheets for the curtains in my two younger boys' room. They were the flat sheets that came as part of a set, and we never use flat sheets on the beds. So, with a little stitching, I ended up with curtains that matched their bedding!