Friday, October 14, 2005

Yes, we have two kids

The nice thing about having two is you can finally talk about "the kids." It rolls off the tongue so smoothly:

"The kids keep me so busy."
"I have to go see what the kids are doing."
"Did you check on the kids?"

The annoying thing is that it draws out the fertility police. Especially if you have a full sampling.

"Oh, a girl and a boy! How nice." Sometimes they go ahead and say what they're thinking next: "Now you're all done!"

I missed the posting that only alloted us one of each. We haven't even reached the population replacement rate yet, much less done our part to raise the average IQ of the human gene pool.

The bad thing is, I only have two hands. Can I get a surgical implant of a few more?


Jeremy said...

Yeah, "be fruitful and multiply" must mean something different to some people then it does to me.

(If I had an apple tree that only produced one apple with one seed in it, ever. I'd cut it down and replace it with one willing to mass-produce!)


Jeremy said...

...Now, don't take my analogy TOO far!

I'm talking about the definition of "fruitful"... not implying children should be "mass produced!"

the Joneses said...

I've thought for some time now that mothers -- at least mothers with toddlers and newborns -- should be endowed with the power of the Force. Not for any cosmic battles, just so you can get one child a cup of water while you're nursing the other one!! God hasn't gotten back to me on that one...

-- SJ

Jaclyn said...

Your hands will multiply when D1 is 5. She will be able to do all sorts of things to help with D2, D3, D4... etc.

People choke when I tell them how many children I want to have. The response I usually get is, "Yeah, you are young, and unmarried so how do you know? You may change your mind..."

I doubt it. Their "rebuke" does quite the opposite sometimes... and makes me want to have all the more!

Jeremy said...

Jaclyn, I know what you mean! My old boss (he and his wife have no children) asked me one time when we were talking about large families "do you plan to breed when you get married?" Since he started the sarcasm, I responded with a Cheshire grin and "Like a rabbit! I want a whole row of stair-steps!"

The facial expressions from the group listening to our conversation was hilarious!

(oh the fun...)

Jaclyn said...

Jeremy... I love it! Someone once said, "Well you want a full quiver!" My brother responded in his very witty manor, "What other kind is there? You won't get far in battle with 2 arrows!"

Juliana M said...

News items like this just make me feel warm all over...

Now 16 kids, that's a good start!!!

Maggie said...

Hah! Well, I get pity because I have two boys (oh horrors) so I'll have to "try again" for a girl before we can stop.

Puhleeese. Most of the time I don't tell them that we too are bent on taking over the world. :)

Sounds like you've got a great baby there. Does he teach any classes on how to sleep at night? My 5 month old has lost the knack.