Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Ohio Politics

  • Rumor has it that DOB's parents and some siblings were assigned to work in a palatial estate when the local headquarters ran out of room. Alas, the headquarters where we were working did not run out of room, so we were stuck in a very battered back room of a very ugly suite of offices in a very dull strip mall. But we worked hard anyway.
  • D1 did her part to re-elect the president by being unusually good, which was impressive considering that she's very good even on ordinary days. She lay on her playmat and cooed or napped while chaos reigned around her, occasionally pausing to give encouragement to some frazzled campaigner.
  • Florida would be a lot more fun for outdoor protesting in November than Ohio will be. Nonetheless, watch for us out holding signs that say "Don't Count Dead People" and chanting "Two, Four, Six, Eight, If you can't win, litigate!"
  • On the other hand, Ohio's Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell will look a lot better on TV than Katherine Harris did. And he would sound more credible saying that we haven't disenfranchised any minority voters, except that race doesn't mean race any more, it means ideology.

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