Monday, November 15, 2004

D1 draws admirers, stops traffic

Well, duh, you say.

Last Saturday we finally had the time and energy to spend some of the gift cards we had received for our wedding. I'd had a $400 shopping spree in my purse for 14 months and had never bothered to go on it. I don't know whether that's a better indicator of how hectic the last year has been or an indicator just how deep our loathing for buying stuff goes.

We started out at Penney's to get a replacement for the lost pair of pants. His Majesty suggested that if we went to Goodwill we could probably find the actual pair of pants, but we never made it that far. We wound up buying another pair exactly like the last pair--saves on decision making. Besides, it was on sale.

Afterward I waited for DOB in the hallway of the bathrooms with D1 (looking very fetching in her duckling dress) in her stroller. Two grandparents came with a couple of granddaughters; the grandma and granddaughters went into the ladies' room (whose door was missing, but it was a long hallway and turned a curve, so it was OK). The grandpa noticed D1 and bent over and started cooing at her. With the way I happened to have the stroller, this meant his rear was backed into the ladies' restroom.

A few minutes later we heard an "Excuse me, can we get by?" The grandpa stood up and scooted aside, and ten or more slightly impatient women came marching out of the ladies' room.

We only managed to spend about half the gift cards, so we will have to go back sometime. But we got many Useful Things (most notably clocks for every room) and a few Fun Things (giant book on castles for 50% off!). I still can't shut my purse, thanks to the remaining gift cards.

Odd baby fact learned yesterday: The most effective and safest laxative for infants is to put baby in a fancy dress, forget to put an adequate backup outfit in the diaper bag, and go to church.

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