Thursday, November 04, 2004

Boast not thyself

As part of our electioneering activities, the RNC paid for us to stay in a hotel close to the county headquarters where we were working. Since DOB was leading the data entry effort, he had to leave the hotel early in the morning. The plan was then for his siblings to come by and pick me and D1 up a bit later.

When he left, DOB cautioned me, "Now make sure you get everything out of the hotel room."

"Don't worry," I told him, "I've never left anything behind in a hotel room." I didn't mention it, but I could not help mentally noting this was due to my habit of cleaning up behind myself, so that I could easily see anything that had been left--contrary to his own habits.

When the siblings-in-law arrived, the room was straightened up and all the luggage piled neatly in one spot. We picked it up and headed out (with one minor catastrophe when an overloaded brother trying to shut the door dropped one of the jugs of water and had it split open).

Yesterday I was also quite pleased with myself because I had put everything away from the trip by noon the next day, quite the fastest I've managed in a long time.

Yesterday evening I was mentally planning the activities of the next day, and suddenly I realized: I never unpacked DOB's gray slacks. Or his shirts. Or my green skirt. And then the mental image came into my head of all our hanging clothes neatly lined up in the hotel closet. I had not thought about them since I hung them up Tuesday morning.

I put in a call to the hotel lost-and-found, but so far have not received a call back. We are hoping they come through for us, as DOB's work wardrobe is still quite limited and we really can't afford to lose one of his pairs of pants.


the Joneses said...

This story really makes me feel better. I lost the kids' shoes this week. They each have basically one pair, and we were at an indoor playgym where they could wear only socks. The following day I realized I never put their shoes back on them when we left. Naturally no one at the playgym has seen any orphaned shoes, so yesterday I had to buy two new pairs.

The same day, my friend lost her grocery cart while shopping (someone took it), and her daughter (only briefly). Maybe it was a bug going around. -- SJ

Queen of Carrots said...

At least I've never misplaced a child. I'm concerned about what will happen once I have children who can relocate themselves, though.

the Joneses said...

Welll... I've never misplaced a child, but... There was this time, on my birthday, when Darren and I went out for dinner. We had a great time, and Darren went up to pay while I gathered all our stuff. I brought him his coat, and he looked at me expectantly. I gazed back blankly. Then he said, "Did you leave Stuart in the booth?"

And my face told, very clearly, that I'd completely forgotten that we'd brought Stuart with us.

In my defense, Stuart was only two months old and had slept throughout the entire meal, so it was easy to overlook his presence. My Mama mind told me that we'd left a child with a babysitter; it hadn't yet adjusted to the fact that there was another child to account for.

But the cashiers thought it was the funniest thing they'd encountered in a month, and I was mortified. I'm sure Stuart will enjoy reminding me of this incident when he gets older. -- SJ