Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Bunnies and Chick(en pox)

This year will undoubtedly go down in family lore as "The Year We Had the Chickenpox on Easter."

Except we didn't *exactly* have it on Easter. Deux had pretty much scabbed over by Easter, and Duchess didn't come down sick until Tuesday.

Still, chickenpox has loomed over all the festivities, keeping us out of general gatherings, and keeping away everyone except those confident in their immunity or desiring to acquire some. (I did let asymptomatic kids go to the sunrise service--I figured outside they could adequately avoid everyone else.)

We did manage to dye eggs with friends (who were hoping to catch it) and have a reduced family gathering on Easter. It hasn't been entirely without festivities.

So far Dot and Dash have not had any definitive symptoms. Duchess is in the throes of misery as the eldest sufferer. Deux endured the whole thing with relentless stoicism and a whole lot of Alphabears on the iPad. (His verdict: having chicken pox was not worth the extra iPad time.) Where Deux acquired them in the first place I cannot imagine, as he does not exactly vigorously seek new acquaintance and I haven't heard of anybody we actually know having them.

I have laid in a stock of movies and now am just hoping for everyone to get it quickly and be done.


Uglemor said...

First of all: Happy Easter to you.
And as the time from you meet the virus to you actually get the chickenpox can be as lpong as 21 days. Add it's highly contagious natue, and you just need someone sneezing in the grocey store ;) I feel with you anyhow, it's not fun and it itches like ...

Not Lucy said...

If someone is extremely itchy, I found that Aveeno baths are awfully expensive for oats so I just put a cup or so in a tube sock and tied it shut and threw it in the bath tub. It worked nicely, though Jakob was only one and his favorite part was sucking on the sock! Hope this doesn't drag out too long for you!