Tuesday, January 07, 2014

On the Move

I thought I might set a goal of blogging twice a week this year, which would double my posts over last year.

I'm already behind. Also, I haven't started on any of the end of year and end of quarter paperwork which is the (very, very) dreary side effect of having my own practice.

On the other hand, I *did* clean and reorganize the house from top to bottom last weekend, which wasn't on the schedule at all. DOB thought it was time to start looking at selling our house so we can move to or build one in which he can get to the bathroom without summoning assistance. The real estate agent (who sold us this house) said, "Actually I know somebody who is looking for a house just like that. How about Monday?" So we'll see if it works out. Otherwise I have to *keep* things clean, which is nearly as bad.

Someday, I'm going to deep clean the house without having to move out of it. But first I think I'd have to live there more than three years. Maybe this will be the time. Or rather, the time after this, since we're probably going to rent for awhile.

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Mary H said...

Hoping you can get the perfect house at the perfect price and at the perfect time :-) We've set a family record by living in the same house 4 years now. I don't know how to handle it. Usually we would have moved at least twice in 4 years. Things are getting a little scruffy around here. It looks like we're going to actually need to break out the drywall repair kit and paint before long. But that should be a piece of cake compared to teaching a new address to all the kids and(gulp) myself!