Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A List of Good Manners

The ducklings have been compiling this on the board:

1 don't talk with your mouth full
2 say "Excuse me" when you leave the table
3. be quiet in the house
4. don't put your elbows on the table while your eating
5. chew with your mouth closed
6. don't turn lights off on people
7. don't walk into the bathroom on people
8. do your chores without wining
9. sit in your chair during the meal
10. don't stuff your mouth during a meal
11. say "please" when you ask for something
12. Say "Thank you" when somone gives you something

So now you know how to behave around here.


Diary of an Autodidact said...

Do chores without winning? [snicker]

Queen of Carrots said...

No, without wining. No drinking and doing chores. Bad combination.

awedmanor said...

I think number six is missing a comma, before the final word. Turning the lights off, then on makes inhabitants think there has been a brief power outage. Don't do that, people!

Wendy said...

That's a great list! I love the "no wining." We joke about having kids lets us have whine with dinner frequently.

When my kids were really little I asked them to make a list of rules for our house, and the first thing they came up with was: Don't break the windows.

Which is a good rule, but a bit baffling to me. They'd never come close to damaging a window and I had never brought it up. They still haven't broken any windows, though, so that's all right!