Sunday, January 06, 2013

The New Blog Look

Do you like it? Is it crunchable, precious? Is it tasssty?

Or is it too orange? Is the photo too much of a contrast in color? (I tried it with a blue background, which went well with the water but was just wrong.) Can I get some kind of recognition in bravery for putting a picture from an unflattering angle as my cover photo?

One awesome thing about the upgraded templates is that now, when there is only one comment, it says "1 comment" and not "1 comments," which always made me want to go and add an extra comment, even if I had nothing to say, just to make the number agree.

Mostly I wanted the labels cluster and the hierarchical post history, because the main reason I keep this blog is so that I can look back over my life, most of which I have already forgotten, and my past life on the blog was getting too long. Now I can see how my posting has dropped off over the years. It took a major hit when we moved. It seems to be trending upwards again, though. Perhaps I shall do better this year.

But I'm not making any promises.


Steve said...

I like the new look, and yes, a "profile" picture like that is brave, but not improper.

I'm imagining that the four of you are looking for the other two children, who have been taken by pirates to parts unknown (or at least wester than you are there).

Queen of Carrots said...

Actually the other two children were freaked out by the ocean and would hardly go as far as the damp sand.

Carrie said...

It is very orange but I've never seen another like it which makes it unique and that makes it "you" and so I like it. If that all makes sense. :D It is weird only seeing two children in your picture but it's a nice picture for all that.


Diary of an Autodidact said...

I was going to say something about the missing children, but Steve came up with something wittier than I would have. Win.

Brandy @ Afterthoughts said...

I like it. :)

Duke of Burgundy said...

Wow, I make one guest post and all hell breaks loose.

Phyllis said...

"Can I get some kind of recognition in bravery for putting a picture from an unflattering angle as my cover photo?" That's exactly what I thought, when I first saw it: "Wow. She's brave!" But you look great, and so does the blog.