Saturday, January 22, 2011

Robin Hood and His Merry Munchkins

It started innocently enough, with a picture book about Robin Hood D1 found in her ever-beloved folk and fairy tales section of the library. It was quite well done, a story and an illustration on each page. We read through it slowly.

By the end, we thought it was time they saw the old Errol Flynn movie, which they all watched and loved. D3 would quiver and giggle with excitement every time a sword fight broke out.

Then some random box movements unearthed an adult-sized costume of Lincoln green. More ideas took hold. A play! With all the cousins! (Script still unwritten, remaining actors still unrecruited, and perhaps most seriously, none of the main actors can bring themselves to utter a word while performing. But these are all trivialities.)

And then more box movements disclosed the old Howard Pyle version of Robin Hood, so now I have to read all the way through that, even though *I* don't know how to pronounce some of the words. (Trysting?) They found a classic N.C. Wyeth illustration in a book of anthologies, so now we'll be getting that one from the library and copying all the pictures.

And now D2 has found himself a mighty long bow (though no arrows yet) and is posing a threat to all and sundry, mostly of being accidentally whacked with it. D1 alternates between being Maid Marian and Will Scarlet, depending on how much action she is craving. D3 either understudies Maid Marian or plays "the horsie." D4 is the dragon. (OK, I haven't heard about the dragon either. But there he is--you can see him.) And they know how to get more members for their band: just pick a fight, lose, and then they'll be begging to join up. Hey, it works in the book!

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Darren said...

That's awesome! And of course Robin Hood needs a dragon in his band.