Saturday, January 15, 2011

On a Brighter Note

I've been whining a lot lately, so let's try mentioning three happy things. That save money, no less!

1. Last summer the dentist told me I had two (maybe three) cavities and it would cost at least $750 to get them filled. We thought this was a bit steep and procrastinated. Then a dentist in one of DOB's networking groups suggested I come in and he would give me a bid on them. This week I finally went in and had him look at them. And he said . . . I *don't* have cavities. My teeth aren't the rotting kind. So it's not worth it to fill tiny pits. I never knew there could be a difference of opinion about cavities, but since my teeth don't hurt, I'll take his word for it.

2. We sold the van! Not quite for bluebook, but for a good bit more than we owed on it.

3. The camera has been broken for a month or two. Everything worked except the button that actually took the pictures. I kept hoping I would find someone who could safely take it apart and unjam the button. This week I've been starting to really wish for it again to help with school for D2, who tends to work in three dimensions instead of things easy to put in a notebook. Yesterday morning when I woke up to him building towers inspired by the Eiffel tower and French cathedrals, I thought I'd pull it out one more time and see if I could get it to work. And it worked just fine.

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awedmanor said...

Yay! Yahoo! Whee! Felicitations! And also congratulations. A triple win is very good.