Friday, April 16, 2010

Not what I was hoping for

We had plans today to drive along the coast and tour an old-style sailing ship with the older two ducklings. Their Majesties were going to supervise the twins, and the day dawned blue and golden.

And I have the stomach flu. DOB has it more mildly, and D1 fell asleep at 10 and napped for two and a half hours, which is about as much sickness as she ever manifests. So far everyone else is perfectly well and very noisy. I lie about and moan faintly occasionally. Thanks to B5 we have a new stack of books in from the library, so I have that small consolation.

We're hoping to visit the ship at another port next Wednesday. If I live that long.

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the Joneses said...

In my plans to catch up on commenting on your blog, I figured THIS was the post to start with. Sympathy! So sorry! That's awful!

A couple of years ago Darren and I planned a trip together, and set up the babysitter for most of a day. And then the stomach bug hit. We were able to drag ourselves out of the house anyway, and we did it.

But probably, since there's sailing involved, you should take the opportunity to lie around, moan, and read until your stomach is better.

-- SJ