Friday, March 12, 2010

Seven Quick Takes Friday

From Conversion Diary.

Consisting mostly of duckling sayings, since I don't seem to have much to say lately.

D1: When I grow up, I want to be a person who does *everything.*
QOC: I wouldn't put it past you.

D2: So I can count up to 199!
QOC: What comes after 199?
D2: I think . . . a billion!
(Guess I should have said, "What natural number is next in sequence after 199?")

D2 has started really reading, and walks about with stacks of "Dr. Seuss books" (P.D. Eastman also represented.) However, he seldom actually reads a book through. He reads them backwards. He reads a couple pages and picks another book. He reads off all the titles of a stack of books.

D1: "Now we'll both bow our heads, and then you can read the prayer." D2 (bowing his head, and flipping through the book on his lap, which happens to be *Mr. Brown Can Moo*): "But this is a *silly* book!"

D1 has finished all of her AWANA book, except for the one section where she has to demonstrate obedience in four different areas on five different days. One of the areas listed is, "I came right away when I was called for meals." So as I was setting up lunch yesterday, she stood at the table, pen and book ready, asking, "When are you going to remember to call us?"

After that she just went through and marked all the "came when called for food" squares ahead of time. Which is just as well, since I'm not sure we ever call her to eat--she's in the kitchen ten minutes in advance, asking when it's going to be ready.

D3 is obsessed with wearing Her Majesty's knit hats, even though they come down over her eyes and make her look like a perambulating mushroom in pink snow boots. D4 has hit the lining-everything-up stage and thus embarked on a probably-lifelong quest to take over D2's cars anytime they are left within reach.

And a brief note on the rest of us, who do not say or do cute, repeatable things. DOB gets his bar results back at the beginning of May and is hanging out around the courthouse a lot until then. I'm trying to line up some free-lance research work.

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This Heavenly Life said...

'But this is a silly book!' So funny :)