Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Call a Doctor

So the oldest two ducklings and the youngest two cousins decided to play doctor. After some discussion, it became apparent that they all wished to be the doctor.

I obligingly volunteered to be the patient, and lay down upon the couch, coughing piteously. (The effect was enhanced when the twins came and sat on my chest.)

Whereupon the four doctors fetched four sheets of paper and four pencils and started peppering me with demographic questions: "How old are you?" "What is your name?" "What is your address?"

By the time the forms were filled out, they had lost interest in the game.

Clearly, they have mastered the key concepts of modern medicine.


the Joneses said...

Funny, very funny!

Darren says they forgot the most important question: "Who's your insurance company?"

-- SJ

awedmanor said...

Scary - I had concerns about where this post was headed - congrats on taking it (and them) to a safe place!

Wendy said...

An excellent example for anyone who thinks home schooled kids won't understand the "real world!"

CappuccinoLife said...


I'll have to tell that one to my parents. They will die laughing!

Silvia said...

you made me laugh!