Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Minor Emergency

Someone asked me if I was planning to pack enough diapers for the whole trip.

"No, of course not," I said, "They have these things called stores that sell diapers."

Which would be true if I remembered to stop and buy them. But I didn't, and thus yesterday when the babies arose from their naps I had two very stinky babies and only one clean diaper. (Later research unearthed one in the car, but at the time we had no idea it was there.)

This called for some improvisation. A bit of digging unearthed some birdseye diapers which DOB uses as handkerchiefs in allergy season. The babies are, it turns out, bigger than a bread bag, but some small bags in which DOB brought his wet clothes home from the gym proved to be the right size. I cut out leg holes, taped up the top with packing tape (a tricky, two-person operation) and we were able to make it into town for more.


Aunt Bettie said...

It's an adventure! When things like that happen to me, I pretend I'm backpacking when I just have to do with what I have.

Aunt Bettie said...

Correction: "not exactly like that!" I can't say I've had to invent a diaper on the trail before!

NH said...

Yeah, and you're probably more likely to have duct tape on the trail than clear packing tape...but strapping tape is admittedly more handy if you have to send babies by mail.