Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Changing Out

Today I swapped the 0-3 month clothes for the 3-6 month size. It is the first nostalgically sad (as opposed to I-haven't-slept-in-three-days sad) moment of parenting for me, since I never can get worked up over not being pregnant anymore. But tucking away all those cute little sleepers which will never fit again, that's a little sad. Yes, it's like a soppy Carter's ad.

Fortunately it's immediately followed by getting out cute new clothes and, in the case of many of them, reminiscing about when D1 or D2 wore this. I have an absurd amount of clothing in this size, since it's the size most people give gifts in. I could clothe triplets (two girls, one boy: Girl clothes are cuter and D1 got to the presents first). The new size is still a little baggy, which is good when worn by someone whose diaper regularly expands significantly.

But here's an important question: Is D4's shirt too girly? It makes such a nice (if somewhat Freudian) coordinating set, but it is light purple polkadots.


Steve said...

Freud got discredited long ago, regardless of what some people think.

If D4 likes it, then good. If somebody else doesn't like it, you can just explain that he's the fraternal twin. She's the sororital one.

And I don't think that he's really into gender identity crises just yet. You aren't, either, at least about them (and probably not at all, about anything). And who cares what others think?

Rachelle said...

The trouble is if you take him out, then people might have trouble with the gender question.

And amen to the 3-6 months clothing! I returned everything in that size I could with Ben and tried to get the same outfit in a different size. I got a little carried away and ended up with a bunch of 6-9 months. However, Ben was in 6-9 months at 3 months so it was a good thing!

Queen of Carrots said...

Of course, when you take babies out, you always get people who will mix up genders even on a girl wearing pink ruffles and a boy wearing denim overalls.

D4 likes anything that doesn't catch his toes or hands. He's not going to like winter clothes.

Kinsleys3 said...

I guess if Daddy can live with himself and still feels like a man with his son wearing purple, you should be good. ;-)