Friday, September 19, 2008


Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day! D3 is awaiting rescue, having been kidnapped by a villainous crew.
So far today we've read pirate poetry, gone to the park in costume, gathered treasure for our ship, been marooned on a desert island and built a hut from driftwood.

Still on the day's agenda: pizza from ye Sandwiche Islands, YouTube video clips from Pirates of Penzance, and a treasure hunt.

Well, why not?


Juliana said...

D3 looks rather unworried about her precarious position.

Wendy said...

Ahoy, Matey! We remembered around supper time. Better late than nev-arrgh!

They're just so cuuuuuute!
(Sorry, me hearty, I just can't help it: they shiver me timbers!)

Maggie Wright said...

awwww sooo cute!! haven't seen you guys in forever!!