Friday, December 14, 2007

Some Important Information

  • The twelve days of Christmas did not start yesterday. They start on Christmas. We're still in Advent, folks. Don't jump the gun, or the party will be over too soon.
  • There is no "e" in Santa Claus. A clause is a sentence fragment, and will not bring you presents no matter how good you have been. (However, if you treat your sentence fragments properly, the Grammar Commando, in the spirit of holiday cheer, will refrain from slaying you with a red marker.)


Steve said...

Blessings to the Grammar Commando!

Juliana said...

I think the 12 Days of Christmas could be whenever a person wanted them to be. But your point is well taken.

It reminds me of when I tried to explain to people that the year 2000 was not the first year of the new millenium (and it's not!). People would believe me, but they celebrated 2000 as the first year of the new millenium anyway.

the Joneses said...

The 12 Days of Christmas is from Christmas Day to January 6 (Epiphany, or the visit of the Wise Men). It has an actual calendar date so can't really be "whenever you want it to be," although you could conceivably celebrate Christmas on August 29th if you wanted to.

It is true, though, that it's going to be hard to convince people not to start counting down 12 days out from Christmas. Since most Protestants haven't even heard of Epiphany -- I certainly hadn't three years ago -- we can't figure out why we'd keep celebrating Christmas after the 25th.

As for Santa Claus-, I have my Red Marker handy, too.

-- SJ

Anonymous said...

"Grammar Commando" not to be confused with "Conan The Grammarian"