Monday, December 03, 2007

Another Odd Symptom

Now this one I've never heard anyone talk about, but it has applied consistently to me. When I'm pregnant I frequently have violent dreams. I'm always beating someone up, usually one of my brothers. (I have four of them, and they are all much bigger and stronger than me and and definitely not people I would even THINK of fighting.)

Last night it was my oldest brother, sporting a full head of hair (which he hasn't had in twenty years, I'm sure). I was trying to roll out cookie dough on the floor of the front porch (despite it being covered in dog hair--eww), and he kept stepping on it. So I beat him up.

What does it all mean? Maternal protective instincts coming out? Or is it just that I'm getting restless at a life limited to eating and sleeping? I have no idea.


Roberta said...

I remember this discussion coming up with my friends the last time one of them was pregnant.

We've all had those dreams... we put it down to the fact that there are just so many 'extra' amounts of hormones that any dream is just going to be all that much more!

Another thing we all talked about was how itchy your tummy gets. Seems like that is another symptom that doesn't get all that much attention!

Carrie said...

I seem to suffer from such dreams periodically -- pregnant or not. Hmm.