Tuesday, November 06, 2007

D1 does the math

QOC (to D2): How many mommies do you have?
D1: I have five mommies!
QOC: Oh good, then one can fix lunch and one can go get you guys changed, and this mommy can go take a nap. . . .
D1: That's only three.

Don't worry, D1, I'm sure I can come up with enough work for any number of mommies to do.


Eric and Wendy said...

Let's see... one mommy can go read by herself and one poor mommy can clean up the rest of the house! BTW, where did you get your clones? I could use some.

Ben, Kyri & Rachelle said...

My son likes to say "Mommy needs a nap" all the time. Boy is he right? If I could clone myself so oneself could catch up on sleep while the other watched kids. And cleaned house and.... Oh, yeah, it would take about 5 to get it done to the degree I have in my mind.-rlr

Queen of Carrots said...

Wendy--That was exactly what I came up with for the remaining two mommies to do!

DOB is a little concerned about how he would stand with relation to the extra mommies--he thinks extra aunts would be better.

Kevin & Amy said...

Hey Karen, Just tagged you in a meme. Don't usually do these but I've seen you do them before so I figured you'd be a sport and do one. :) Thanks!