Friday, September 21, 2007

Sometimes it's better not to ask

I was trying to admire D1's coloring page in the Approved, Nonjudgmental Manner.

"Oh, what a lovely cat! I like how you colored the front green and the back black. And the colors underneath him--it looks like he's sitting on a nice warm rug."

I noticed a look of disapproval on her face.

"Oh . . . what is that he's sitting on?"

"A potty."


Carrie said...


Well at least you tried.

Tami said...

I always found "Tell me about your picture." to work well, rather than hazarding a guess, a dangerous thing to do, as you found out!

SongBirdy said...

I second Tami, "I can tell you've really worked hard on this picture! Good for you! I really like this technique here! Can you tell me about this? What is your favourite part of your picture?"

That's my script that I've learned and I now stick with!

I've read that a child praised for their hard work is more likely to try something difficult because you've praised their perseverance more than their skill.

That and I can hardly ever decipher the picture. Especially since my 6 y/o is into abstract art at the moment!

Mama Squirrel said...


Be Inspired Always said...


I wanted to see how tactful my kids were going to be.

So I drew a picture that no one could figure what it was. Which was on purpose.

My older son said, It's pretty and it's well presented. He had no clue but still very polite.

Then I over-heard him talk to his younger brother asking him if he colored it?