Sunday, September 16, 2007


I'm sure you will not be quite as relieved as we were to hear that the library of origin *did* take the book back. The librarian thought it still looked quite a bit better than many books they still had. Now maybe I will have the nerve to ask them to check their shelves for the missing book.

Since returning it took us most of the way across town, we made an outing of it and had lunch at a nearby farm that is part of the park system. The farm itself is free, but you have to pay for things like pony rides and the indoor play barn. So of course the lines for the pony rides and play barn are long, but hardly anybody is looking at the animals. Another benefit of being cheap.

D1 reminds me a lot of Frances the badger, though she's shown no interest in the books yet. A recent conversation:

DOB: Are you a princess?
D1: No. I don't want to be a princess.
DOB: Why not?
D1: I want to be the king!

And a Song Against Cannibalism, heard from the back seat:

Mama is a girl
But she doesn't like to be eaten
So please don't eat her.
And now I'm almost to the end of the song.
It's not nice to eat people.

D2 has developed a fascination with delivering a maniacal laugh at random points. We wonder what he's plotting.


SongBirdy said...
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SongBirdy said...

Lol! Your kids sound wonderful.

Just for the record... bursting into laughter can be a good method of parenting too...

Try it sometime. Naturally, your response to your child when queried on the burst of laughter should be ambiguous.

Something along the lines of, "Oh nothing honey I was just thinking about your toys and... never mind!"

Or, "Oh, you'll see later!"

Or, "Well, I was just imagining you... perhaps I shouldn't tell you..."

Hmm... maybe you shouldn't use this method. Unless you want your kids to end up like mine. Sticking each other on the roof and such...

{sorry, bad typo and I just had to edit}

the Joneses said...

Stuart has asked to hear D1's "Don't Eat" song several times.

-- SJ

Queen of Carrots said...

He probably needs to teach it to some of his monster friends.

Carrie said...

GOOD HEAVENS about the library book. See and I just wouldn't have said anything AT ALL. Like about the book that I returned the other day that Joshua had chewed on. *gulp*

The library system cannot promise books in pristine condition anyway, in my opinion.

I am mortified over the book J2 chewed on but . . . that's the way the system works!