Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Venture into Marketing

The Bethlehem Candle
Looking for a unique item to enhance your festivities, that will turn the focus back to the True Meaning of Christmas? Fill your home with the rich, unforgettable aroma of the first nativity with The Bethlehem Candle. This elegant, hand-crafted candle will waft your family back in time as they inhale its special blend of fragrances designed to recreate the odors of the manger.*

*Yes, it would smell like sheep dung. And hay dust. Lovely, no? I bet people would buy it.


Carrie said...


Devona said...

My friend is a pastor at a megachurch in VA. For Easter one year they made the church smell like Barbeque (uhm. Burnt offerings for Passover?)


Queen of Carrots said...

That is weird.

When I taught 1st & 2nd grade Sunday School, I pondered once having someone bring in a real, live lamb (there were people in the church who raised sheep). But it seemed like re-enacting the actual sacrifice might have been a bit much.