Saturday, December 02, 2006

Getting Well Food

I was born to be a skeptic. But it's hard to be naturally skeptical about everything; one must do *something* after all. So in medicine, I'm skeptical about the overuse of drugs and surgery in modern medicine; I don't care to use over-the-counter drugs; but then, I'm every bit as skeptical about the untested claims of herbs and the like. Yet I'm not quite willing to lay down and die just yet.

So I try to stick to things that, at the least, I'm sure won't hurt. Chief among these is food; eating is necessary, after all, and there's a fair body of foods that are reasonably healthy by almost any standard. But it must also taste good, because one must see to mental health as well as physical. So when we come down with ailments, I get out my soup pot and make

Chicken Soup

of course. With lots of onions and garlic and, of course, carrots. On the side, whole wheat bread with more garlic on it. In fact, I'll put extra garlic on lots of things and raw in proportion to the amount our illness prevents us from socializing anyway.

Then one should eat some fresh food with lots of vitamins in it, one of my favorites is

Spinach-Orange Salad

which must have a good dose of vitamins in a quite palatable form. Or a fruit salad with a yogurt dressing, because yogurt (with live cultures) is supposed to be helpful in keeping those friendly little microbes inside you happy, and even if it isn't, it makes a good dressing.

I also try to avoid sugar, which probably isn't all that health-inspiring, and milk if there's congestion (which there generally is). Instead something like


with extra cayenne pepper clears out the sinuses and provides yet another tasty way to consume more garlic.

Finally, some hot tea in the morning and before bed helps one feel a whole lot better whether it happens to be some super cold-fighting herb or not. And a little bit of dark chocolate is good for the soul and doesn't have too awful much sugar.

After all this, we were doing a lot better towards the end of this week, until I woke up this morning with . . . ewwww . . . pinkeye. I think it's just the cold taking a strange form and not some new bug. But I'm ready to be done with this mess, and I think it most unfair that it came on the day I had to get my driver's license picture taken.


Devona said...

Breastmilk is food. It's good for pink-eye. But, breastmilk is not eyedrops, so you might be skeptical of that particular use. Also, you might not have any readily available...

It is worth a try though.

Queen of Carrots said...

Hmmm. I had forgotten that. I'm weird about putting anything in my eye, even eyedrops. So I think I will just hope it gets better on its own . . .

CappuccinoLife said...

I thought my husband was the only one who adds tons of garlic to food for health purposes. We normally eat lots of garlic anyway, but if he has a cold, he will request the powdered garlic, or better yet, fresh chopped stuff, and dump it on.

This is gross though--He will have me make him hot honey-lemon tea, and then he will put garlic in *that* and drink it for the duration of his cold!

Queen of Carrots said...

Yeah, garlic in tea would be gross. My mom used to do it in boullion, which wouldn't be quite so bad. My mil does it with apple, which is also gross, but she has an amazing ability to down gross, but healthful, concoctions.