Tuesday, February 14, 2006

General update

I had some profound thoughts on unrequited love to write, but no profound moments in which to write them.

We have a contract on the house. Rumor also has it that the bathroom has been painted, although no word yet on whether the bathtub drain is working. Now we must get back up and pack up our remaining belongings, which we have been living quite happily without and now must find a place for.

D1 has been having some digestive troubles of some sort or another. We have read a certain few books many, many times. I have done many loads of laundry. I hope I can figure out what it is soon.

Stacks of boxes and a toddler who has just figured out how to climb are a dangerous combination.

By diligent effort, it is possible to get a cheerio inside a pop bead. It is not possible to get it out again. *

D2 has started rolling over again, although it still is quite difficult and sometimes frustrating for him.

*Update to the update: DOB can get cheerios out of pop beads! Fathers are amazing creatures.

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Meredith said...

Congratulations! Hope the remainder of the move goes easily!